With its granite-based 8-axis manipulation unit, the phoenix v|tome|x L 450 handles even large samples (up to 100 kg (220 lbs) in weight, up to 1300 mm in diameter and up to 2000 mm in height) with highest precision. A supplemental detector axis enlarges the detector width up to 1200 mm.

Additional to its 300 kV / 500 W microfocus X-ray tube, the v|tome|x L 450 may come optionally equipped with an extra, 450 kV closed minifocus tube for high absorbing samples.


v-tome-xL Series Cavities in an Aluminum casting
v-tome-xL Series Cavities in an Aluminum casting
  • v-tome-xL Series Cavities in an Aluminum casting
  • v-tome-xL450 inside
    Movement of all axes: v|tome|x L 450
    at German aerospace centre DLR
  • v-tome-xL Series Fiberglass
  • v-tome-xL Series Measurements in moulded plastic
  • v-tome-xL Series Aluminum casting 3D measurements
  • v-tome-xL Series Aluminum Casting
  • v-tome-xL Series Aluminum Casting2 - Cavities in an Aluminum casting
  • v-tome-xL Series Aluminum Casting3
  • v-tome-xL Series Measurement of internal geometry
Unique Features

Optional X-ray tube:

  • 300 kV microfocus/450 kV macrofocus

Max. voxel resolution: < 2 μm
Max. object size/
3D-CT field of view:

  • Ø 1300 mm, H 2000 mm/ Ø 800 x H 1000 mm

Max. object weight: 100 kg

  • Wide application spectrum of very different samples without change of X-ray tubes
  • Best in world magnifi cation allows quantitative NDE for high absorbing samples at 300 kV
  • Accelerated 3D reconstruction results within a few minutes by velo|CT
  • High precision 3D metrology with CT – automatic generation of first article inspection reports in < 1h possible.

All v|tome|x systems can also be used for 2D inspection with fast and easy switching between 2D and 3D mode.

The wide range of available configurations allows to adapt the v|tome|x L to almost any kind of application in science, production control and 3D metrology.

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