The HD-360 is a third generation, 16-slice helical CT scanner featuring a 60 kW generator, 7.5 MHU tube. The HD-360 can complete a rotation in .4 seconds and it can reconstruct images at 12 frames per second.

  • Core
  • 12um Dia Fibers
  • 2DSemImage
  • Alloy
  • Aluminum Casting
  • Burrows+Fracks core
  • Clast
  • Fractured Shale
  • HD360 Core
  • HD360w Core
  • HD360 Dino Bone
  • HD360 Oil Shale
  • Sample CORE 315

In helical mode the HD-360 is capable of acquiring 16 parallel rows of data per rotation with collimations of 16 x 0.5mm, 16 x 1mm and 16 x 2mm.

  • Sample Opening: 32 cm, Image Field of View 25 cm
  • Image reconstruction at 12 frames per second
  • Scanning volume of up to 1750mm
  • Volume Viewing automatic image reconstruction
Installatiation Requirements
Power Requirements:

Frequency: 47-63Hz

Battery Capacity:

Fully Charged- 2 Hours (typical), Typical Usage: 110-120v; 60hz

Site Requirements

Operating Temperature: 15 Deg C to 35 Deg C
Storage Temperature: -25 Deg C to 70 Deg C
Operating Altitude: 0-3010m (0-10,000 ft)
Operating Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing
Floor Flatness: <+/- 0.120 inch (3mm) per ft

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