In manufacturing quality control is essential to profitability. With the use of CT imagery complex parts with hidden or difficult to access surfaces are able to be inspected with extremely high accuracy and reproducibility to ensure the quality of the manufacturing process.  This non-destructive method can be fully automated for inspection or failure analysis with a minimum of operator training.

3D-CT scanning helps to effectively diagnose and repair cracks and damage. In the past, assemblies would have had to be disassembled each part and checked individually. A time consuming and risky process. CT scanning enables a part to be examined in it's fully assembled state. External and internal parts are inspected simultaneously, saving time as well as cost. 

CT scanning is a fast and effective way to qualify a mold. Instead of weeks this process is cut down to a few days cutting costs exponentially. CT scanners provide an external and internal analysis of parts by projecting a beam of x-rays while the object is rotated.



3D Diecast scan shows voids
3D Diecast scan shows voids
  • 3D Diecast scan shows voids
    3D Porosity Visualization
  • Alloy
  • Aluminum Casting
  • Hot Spot Identification
  • Porosity Visualization
  • Sensor Cutaway View
  • Soldered Joint
What CT can determine:...

Any process where the internal structure of a product is integral to its function can utilize CT scanning to assess quality control. As an example in the automotive industry 3D imagery, early identification and correction of workpiece form and size deviations and the detection and classification of foreign materials can be done in a matter of minutes. CT scanners can be powerful tools in inspection of filters and sheet metal, cast engines and transmission housings along with other small parts such as...

  • Electrical connectors
  • Injection nozzles
  • Sensors (e.g. Lambda sensor)
  • LED light pipes
  • Small high-pressure die casting parts 
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

With Plastic Injection Moulding CT imaging can assess the quality of the mould for...

  • Complex components
  • Soft, translucent materials where tactile or optical is no option 
  • Ultrasonic welds of plastic parts

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