The phoenix v|tome|x c, offers a compact 450 kV CT system specially designed for NDT and quality assurance labs in foundries or aerospace applications allowing both, combined semi-automated NDT and 3D metrology.

The low maintenance and production oriented design features like easy loading tools, barcode reader etc., as well as the new one-button|CT automatization functionality make the system a very efficient tool for high throughput industrial quality assurance. The quick|pick manipulator of the high speed configuration HS even allows fully automated CT evaluation of large batches, e.g. to scan up to 25 turbine blades without any operator action.

The system offers industry leading sample size, flexibility and maximum penetration power for high absorbing samples at 450 kV. It is the first industrial CT scanner with GE’s proprietary breakthrough scatter|correct technology option allowing users to gain a low scatter artifact CT quality level never before reached with flat panel cone beam CT.


Cone beam scatter comparison
Cone beam scatter comparison
Advanced Scatter | Correct Technology
  • Cone beam scatter comparison
    Advanced Scatter | Correct Technology
  • 3d Variance Aluminum Casting
  • One Button - v-tome-x-c
  • Turbine Scan
  • v-tome-x-c Quick Pick-manipulator
  • 450 kV Computed Tomography (CT) system for quality. statistical production process control
  • First industrial CT system with scatter|correct to perform fast cone beam CT with the quality of slow fan beam CT
  • Max. 3D scanning area max. 500 mm Ø x 1000 mm
  • 3D measurements referring to VDI 2630 guideline*
  • CT performance specified referring to ASTM E 1695 guideline
  • Robust, small footprint design for production control with low cost of ownership
  • High efficiency ease of use due to one-button|CT
  • Optional quick|pick manipulator for automated blade inspection
  • Affordable, compact design for 450 kV scanning of large objects
  • High precision 3D metrology and non destructive testing tasks performed with minimal operator training
  • First industrial CT system with scatter|correct to perform cone beam CT scans with the quality level of up to 100 times slower fan beam CT
  • Significant quality improvement not only for high scattering materials such as steel and aluminum, but also for composites and multi material samples
  • Increased throughput batch CT with minimized operation costs
  • Significant reduction of required operator time by using the one-button|CT and quick|pick CT functionality
  • Robust and compact design for CT in production environment
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Low maintenance efforts and low costs of ownership

* Measured as deviation of sphere distance in tomographic static mode SD (TS), method details referring to VDI 2630 guideline on request.

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