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We invite you to explore our proven petrophysical CT Applications for ideas into how we may be able to help provide computed tomography solutions for your business.
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What makes Universal Systems, Inc. different?

Let’s start with our Total Service Response and Customized CT applications. Universal Systems, Inc. is a customized equipment, support and CT applications corporation.

Our CT system solutions include a trained PhD physicist who will calibrate your system and train your staff on the full operation of your solution - maximizing your Return on Investment.


Universal Systems, Inc. prides itself on envisioning and exploring multifarious applications for computed tomography. From leading research and development projects, to enhancing performance, minimizing, risk and reducing cost in the oil production and exploration industry.

We are continually exploring new applications for computed tomography - and invite you to fill out our “Ask the Experts” form and tell us about your idea. One of our staff will follow up with you to determine if you have an application that’s appropriate for computed tomography.


Universal Systems offers CT solutions from desktop to room size equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications, such as: Petrophysical Industry, Automotive, Aerospace, Paleontology/Archaeology, Food Industry, Jewelry and Electronics

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What makes Universal Systems, Inc. different? Let's start with our Total Service Response and Customized CT applications.

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